FIRE WARNING : Lembongan Island boating incident (boats)

On the 7th November 2014, there was yet another boating accident in Balinese waters. The tragedy that resulted in serious personal injury was the result of a fire. Lack of safety equipment and fire fighting resources resulted in the boat burning to the waterline and consequently sinking.

This is the second time this particular fast boat company has lost a vessel to fire in the last 12 months. At Scoot Fast Cruises, Please be assured our passenger safety is paramount. All of our vessels are equipped with up to the minute safety equipment, life jackets and fire extinguishers.

We also carry comprehensive passenger liability insurance Provided by LLOYDS LONDON totaling insurance 500.000.000 USD (this is approx  6 trillion rupiah) our competitors carry the compulsory government insurance, ( as do we) the total pool is 25 million per person ( $ 2.000 USD approx).

Insuring the comfort & safety of our passenger is of vital importance, we hope you take this in to consideration before you choose your carrier. Management and Staff Scoot Fast Cruises would like to wish the injured people from this incident, a fast and full recovery.
“Scoot Fast Cruises have been incident free for over 10 Years, I think this says it all“